Integrated communication solutions for rail sector

Sepura has more than 40 years’ experience in designing and deploying communication systems for transportation. Covering buses, trams, subways and railway networks, Sepura’s voice and data systems drive efficiency, promote safety and give fast access to critical information when it is most needed.

Organised by Eurotransport and in association with Sepura, the webinar covers a variety of topics including:

  • Transportation organisations’ communication requirements
  • Utilising TETRA and LTE systems to improve operations
  • Developing an integrated solution to cover voice and critical data

The webinar also demonstrates, through a case study of Bilbao Metro, how a Sepura solution supports security and enhances everyday operations.


Keynote speakers

Amanda Esteban 

Transport Solutions Product Manager, Sepura
Amanda is Product Manager for Transport Solutions at Sepura,
managing the evolution of TETRA on-board products. She has participated in numerous projects for metro, tram, railway and bus
systems worldwide and is involved in the development of new products which meet the requirements of the sector.

Marta Fontecha 

Product Marketing
Director, Sepura


Marta Fontecha currently heads the Sepura Systems Product Strategy team, having previously led the Transport and Industry teams within Sepura. She has participated in the design of numerous projects for railways, metros, tramways and buses and has recently helped develop rail signalling systems over TETRA and professional LTE radio systems.

Felipe Sanjuan 

Business Development Director – Transportation, Sepura


Felipe Sanjuan is Business Development Director – Transportation for Sepura. He has extensive experience in developing specialist professional telecommunication systems
including radio trunking, TETRA and LTE broadband technology.