Soluciones CCTV - Sistema MVC-6000


MVC-Series TELTRONIC solution for vehicular environments has been designed to cover Public Safety customer needs. Customers that want to complement critical communications based on TETRA technology.

MVC-Series is a centralized and integrated vehicular solution composed of two major cores:

On the one hand, a set of centralized servers and applications resident in the Control Center. This system allows the user to have a centralized fleet solution from which is possible the coordination and management of resources, access to shared information or fleet monitoring, among others.

On the other hand, a vehicular fleet of consoles that aggregates narrow band and wide band radio technologies as well as a wide range of software applications allowing having on-board not just voice and data communications with the Control Center but also a “mobile police station”, thereby reducing time response upon incidents and speeding field work

Soluciones CCTV - Sistema MVC-6000



MVC-2000 solution consists of a wayside part (Control Center) and a fleet of consoles designed specifically for vehicular environments.

Through various radio accesses (TETRA, P25, 3G, WIFI, LTE…) is possible to manage transparently on-board services from different kinds: Professional radio communications, location, management of incidents, access to data bases, web navigation, access to centralized documents, email management or GPS navigation.

Taking into account all those applications and media, professional mobile users have available a “mobile police station” complementing TETRA communications with other functions like quick reception and attention of incidents, creation of reports accurately or centralized information access from the vehicle.


MVC-6000 is the most advanced centralized vehicular solution of TELTRONIC. Besides having several communications media and applications on-board (radio communications, incidents management, access to data bases, web navigation, access to centralized documents, email management or GPS navigation) complements its functionality with a powerful video platform.

The video-surveillance application is fully integrated in TELTRONIC IP solution. Such application allows local supervision and record of images as well as images transmission (real time or pre-recorded) to other vehicles or to Control Center video applications over 3G, WIFI or LTE broadband networks.

At the same time, the platform provides other advanced related-video functions, for instance, automatic license plate recognition or optimization of the air interface bandwidth for video transmission.

The availability of real-time video is a great tool for troubleshooting on field and to improve decision making from the Control Center as remote operators have an accurate control of the situation.