Market Solutions

Each transport environment has its own challenges. Our extensive experience within the sector allows us to provide a wide range of functionalities as part of a flexible, scalable solution that’s perfectly tailored to each customer’s needs.Graphic_transport

Critical voice communications with the driver and other operational groups

  • Individual calls
  • Group calls/broadcast
  • Emergency calls
  • Ambience listening calls
  • Direct mode calls (DMO)
  • Interconnecting calls with maintenance teams
  • Interconnecting calls with public safety agencies

Critical data communications

  • Operational, security, and maintenance command management
  • Train diagnostics
  • Alarm and event management
  • Advanced location functions
  • Emergency messages
Interconnection with other train subsystems

  • Public address systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Passenger Information Systems
  • Ticketing and counting systems
  • Train Control and Management System (TCMS)

Vital data communications

  • Data transmission media for supporting signaling applications (ETCS, CBTC, PTC) by guaranteeing QoS required 

Non-vital data communications

  • Wayside video surveillance (monitoring of tunnels, crossings and stations)
  • Onboard video surveillance (displaying real-time images from trains)
  • Advertising and entertainment for passengers
  • Download and upgrade of operational files in depots

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