Tecnología TETRA


Teltronic’s Evolved NEBULA platform, also known as eNEBULA, is a digital communications infrastructure, targeted for Private Mobile Radio applications, which enables deploying and integrating most widely used radio communications standards available today. It is based on the multi-manufacturer open standards, offering multi-technology capabilities while providing a single radio network. It has been developed according to the ETSI and 3GPP specifications and recommendations for its radio accesses: TETRA and LTE.

With eNEBULA, TELTRONIC offers first responders the possibility to access solutions based on TETRA market profitability, as well as establishing a clear path towards LTE services. Along the rest of TELTRONIC’s product range, it provides key advantages:


  • We come onto the market with our hybrid TETRA and LTE infrastructure, with the added value of know-how and the ability to satisfy any customer needs.
  • 100% eNEBULA technology belongs to TELTRONIC, so that we can offer…
    • … a fully integrated and customized product
    • … a smooth migration path from existing deployments towards state-of-the-art broadband technology.
    • … an optimal CAPEX / OPEX balance from a single network with two radio accesses.
  • Our own TETRA terminals portfolio combined with commercial off-the-shelf LTE terminals (COTS).
  • We complement our infrastructure solution with a set of added-value applications on top on Evolved NEBULA for Integrated Control Centers, broadband data video services in mobility and integrated mission-critical voice communications.

We are ready to provide our customers with the best solution based on a seamless integrated technology platform with flexibility to fulfil their requirements.

Tecnología TETRA

Evolved NEBULA product range

The combination of knowledge and experience of a company specialized in LMR allows us to respond rapidly by adapting our products to specific customer requirements. Nowadays, Evolved NEBULA product range includes:

Evolved NEBULA

for TETRA technology

eNEBULA for TETRARead more

Evolved NEBULA

for LTE technology

eNEBULA for LTERead more

Network Management System

(NMS) for Evolved NEBULA

NMSRead more

CCTV Solutions

based on digital IP technology

Vehicular systemsLeer más