Customer Assistance & Maintenance Services Associate / Technician

PowerTrunk is looking for a Customer Assistance & Maintenance Services Associate / Technician in Jersey City, integrated within a multidisciplinary technical group and managed by a supervisor, to provide 24×7 support to North American market customers, solve reported incidents, deal with any queries and perform activities related to maintenance services.


  • Maintain, modify, service, and upgrade complex systems in accordance with maintenance and service agreements, PowerTrunk company procedures, and product technical specifications and other documentations.
  • On-site and remote support will be provided for NY customers.
  • Other NA customers will receive only remote support (exceptionally, it also may be required to provide on-site support).
  • Support activities will be provided on a 24×7 basis, so it will be necessary to work in a rotating shift scheme requiring presence shifts (morning / afternoon during labor days) + non-presence shifts (evening during labor days and the whole day for non-working days).
  • Perform periodic and preventive maintenance tasks, both on customers’ installations and remotely, to ensure that equipment continues to perform reliably. This may include:
    • Substitution of consumable items.
    • Visual inspections.
    • Technical verifications.
    • Checking of version, configuration and parameterization.
  • Perform corrective maintenance tasks, both on customers’ installations and remotely, to ensure highest system availability. This may include:
    • Support to other corrective Tier I teams.
    • Change of spare parts.
    • Reconfiguration & changes in parameterization.
    • Update of firmware and / or software elements.
  • Perform system and equipment updates, including both software and hardware upgrades.
  • Perform repair activities:
    • Technical verification of incoming damaged equipment.
    • Update related databases and keep track of related changes.
    • Management, coordination and logistics (to / from headquarters, distributors and customers).
  • Perform assistance support activities, both on customers’ installations and remotely, to provide fast and high-quality customer support for reported incidents and queries. This may include:
    • Communicate with customers and clients (via email, phone, personally or online discussion boards) to answer their enquiries, understand their technical questions, assess their needs, and suggest or promote alternative products or services.
    • Apply established procedures or develop new solutions to solve technical problems through case management and follow-up on the status of outstanding cases.
    • Compilation of information, documentation and technical analysis of reported issues.
    • Perform proposals of technical solutions & workarounds to the reported issues (resolution plans) and negotiate them with customers.
    • Coordination of related activities and supervision of programmed actions with customers, clients and other PowerTrunk / Teltronic areas.
    • Implementation (remote and / or on-site) of workarounds and solutions.
    • Compilation of required information for Tier III team analysis.
    • Active participation to make suggestions on possible actions that could be carried out to improve the product or service, to avoid it occurs again the incident, either corrective, preventive or improvement actions.
    • Refer sales leads and customer feedback to appropriate contacts within the organization so that they can respond to changing customer demands.
  • Produce technical documentation related to the supported maintenance projects.
  • Provide technical training (including the production of associated documentation) to customers on supported products / technologies.
  • Support to other company areas (mainly Delivery Projects) for NA market related activities.

Essential skills and experience:

  • Associate’s degree (3-years degree) or similar.
  • 2-3 years’ experience in radio communications systems and / or mobile telephony:
    • Networking
    • Systems and data networks / telephony (TCP / IP, Ethernet, PSTN, ISDN, PBX, SIP, VoIP, etc.).
    • Systems and transport network (microwave, PDH, SDH, Optical Fiber, etc.).
  • Fluent in English & Spanish.
  • Experience with MS Office suites.
  • Team work.
  • Communications abilities (customer, clients, other team members, other colleagues within the company, etc.).
  • Work under pressure / manage priorities in an efficient way to ensure fast solution to customer demands.
  • Problem solving mind in complex decision-making situations.

Eesirable skills and experience:

  • TETRA & P25 knowledge will be appreciated. Also DMR, LTE or other ratio communication systems & protocols.
  • CISCO certification.
  • Case management tools.

Personal attributes:

  • Rotating shift scheme, including night shifts and weekends.
  • Trips to other NA cities could be required eventually.
  • A ‘can do’ attitude with an ability to solve problems.
  • Self-sufficient but responsible and able to assimilate and respect the directed instructions.